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DNA paternity tests

In Hawaii and across the United States, DNA paternity tests are now commonly used in courtrooms to determine if a man must provide child support. Sometimes, DNA can determine whether a parent should have custody of a child. DNA test results will inform the court about a man's legal duties toward a child. A man who is not the child's true biological parent is not legally responsible for taking care of the child. A DNA paternity test provides close to 100% accurate results.

Voluntary impoverishment and child support payments

In Hawaii and across the United States, ex-spouses often practice "voluntary impoverishment." A former spouse who does not want to make child support payments uses the tactic as a way to manipulate the law. A person practicing voluntary impoverishment may lie to the Internal Revenue Service by reporting less income than they earn. The ex-spouse may refuse to work at high-paying jobs or abandon all forms of employment. A parent relying on child support checks may no longer have the ability to take care of their child.

Child support payments show significant variation by state

A study by Custody X Change found that a typical child support payment in Hawaii was among the highest of all states, ranging from $881 to $1,187 monthly. However, if the parent moved to another state, such as Oregon, the payments might decrease significantly to $400-$528 monthly. A parent who crossed the border into Washington might once again be paying the same higher amounts as in Hawaii.

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