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Is it time to ask for child support modifications?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Child Custody And Relocation

Divorce is a dynamic and highly complicated process, especially when it involves children. The agreements made during this process reflect the family’s circumstances at that moment. However, situations can change as life happens, and your children’s needs will grow.

These transformations may require revisiting certain divorce agreements like child support to ensure they continue to serve your children’s best interests.

Reasons for modification

Child support is about ensuring that parents continue to meet the financial needs of their children. It aims to provide a standard of living similar to what they would have experienced had their parents remained married.

When these financial agreements no longer match the reality of your family, it becomes an urgent issue you need to address. Knowing when to make these adjustments can help maintain fairness and protect your children from potential conflict.

  • Significant changes in income: If a paying parent sees a considerable change in their financial status, whether through unemployment, promotion or a new job, it might be time to request changes in child support payments.
  • Changes in the child’s needs: As children grow, so does the cost of raising and caring for them. New necessities may emerge, which might require a significant increase in child support.

How to proceed

Modifying a child support agreement involves filing a petition with the court that issued the original order. The co-parents must provide evidence supporting the change in circumstances, like financial statements and medical bills. Reassessing your initial agreement can be a complex process, but consulting with an experienced attorney can help improve your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

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