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Can I Keep My Property After Divorce?

You may think all assets and property will simply be split down the middle or that each of you get the property that is titled in your respective names, but it is more complicated than that. Hawaii, unlike many states, follows commercial partnership law when dividing the marital estate. We call it “marital partnership principles.” Financial security, taxes and cost basis should factor into the value of your property before it is divided. This means that it may not be an even dollar value split, but rather a more equitable and fair division of property and other assets.

Hamilton and Chan can help you settle a property division case to get you the best result based on your circumstances. We can support you through the process and guide you in the right direction.

We Make Property Division Easy

Our attorneys have worked on virtually all kinds of divorce and property division cases and are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the complex issues that accompany this process. When dividing critical property like retirement benefits and business assets, we will stand up for your claim to these assets and advocate for a fair outcome that takes your contributions to the marriage into consideration. During what may be a lengthy and stressful process, we can take some of the burden off your shoulders.

The Experience That Military Families Need

Divorce involving members of the military is more complicated due to the added asset of military benefits. Military divorces often require even more consideration and care. We understand how to navigate complex military divorce cases because we have significant experience with them. It is important to choose a lawyer with experience due to the specific laws that concern military divorce and military child custody and support. These can be difficult to figure out on your own.

Let Us Handle Smarter Property Division

Do not stress yourself out over property division. Let us deal with your settlement so you can focus on other parts of your life. Call us today at our Honolulu, Hawaii, office, so we can begin evaluating your situation. Contact us at 808-377-4030 or through our website, and we can start figuring out your best options.