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How Are Alimony And Child Support Decided?

Two of the most complicated financial aspects of divorce are alimony and child support. In general, alimony and child support arrangements are calculated and determined very differently. While alimony is becoming less popular due to the recent tax reform, child support is still a cornerstone of many divorce agreements.

Our attorneys know how the system works in Honolulu and across Hawaii, and can help you reach a favorable outcome.

Factors that contribute to determining alimony are:

  • Ability of the recipient spouse to meet his/her own financial needs
  • Comparative incomes of each spouse
  • Standard of living during the marriage

Child support, on the other hand, is based on a worksheet and formula that relies on:

Hawaii uses fairly rigid calculations to determine child support payments. Child support is calculated using a child support guidelines worksheet, a computation that relies only on the incomes of both parents and the time-share schedule for the child. There are no guidelines for alimony, and the Trump tax legislation eliminates the deductibility of alimony payments. We can help you determine what your support terms would be and ensure that your best interests are protected throughout your case.

Representing Your Interests

Our attorneys can help you work out alimony and child support deals with minimal stressful litigation. At Hamilton and Chan, we have a unique background in the psychodynamics of divorce and understand the emotional and financial turmoil these issues can introduce into your life. We provide the sophisticated legal counsel and compassionate support you need to move forward with your life.

Let Us Act For You

If your divorce case involves figuring out alimony and child support arrangements, do not hesitate to call an experienced lawyer to help. You can contact us at Hamilton and Chan and we will work hard to find a resolution. Contact us through our website or call 808-377-4030 today.