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Honolulu Family Law Blog

What is the point of establishing paternity?

For a father, being able to establish paternity is a good way to prove that you are the biological parent of a child. Beyond that, it gives you the rights and responsibilities of being a parent. When you’re married, paternity is relatively straightforward, because...

Do you see these signs in your marriage?

The day you get married, you think that the union will last forever. While many do, some people realize that the marriage isn’t all they thought it would be. There are many signs that your marriage is ending. If you see some of these signs, you’ll have to decide...

Negotiations are important in co-parenting

There are many things that parents can do to make life easier for their children after a divorce. The parents both must think about what the kids need so they can focus on that. The focus should never be on making your co-parent’s life more challenging or yours...

3 ways to reduce conflict during a divorce

The divorce process can be stressful at the best of times. This process can be a hotbed for conflict, especially when it comes to property division, financial decisions and disputes over child custody.  As a result, it is worth considering some methods that may help...

What is the Marital Partnership Model?

Hawaii is a unique state when it comes to divorce. The state does use equitable distribution rules, which are included in the model called the Marital Partnership Model.  The Marital Partnership Model sees marriages as a business partnership. It recognizes that both...

5 possible financial effects of divorce

They say hindsight is 20/20, and in matters of divorce, this saying is 100% accurate. If Honolulu residents knew about the possible financial effects of divorce, they could plan and prepare for the worst. Unfortunately, few people have a complete picture of what could...