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3 things to be cautious of when divorcing

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Divorce

Going through a divorce isn’t ever an easy situation. Even for those who are leaving a terrible marriage, the process is lengthy and complex. If you are seeking a divorce, you’ll need to take steps to protect yourself from making things even more complicated.

To start, there are several things that you should avoid, or at least think carefully about, when you’re going through a divorce.

Posting on social media

Social media is often a place where people go to vent and share things. While this seems innocent, it can lead to trouble. Things you post online are permanent because it’s possible for people to take screenshots or pictures of the posts. This means that even if you delete them, they may still find their way to your ex. Don’t forget to be cautious when replying to other people’s posts.

Be especially careful about posting things that may make you appear to be hiding assets or that make it look like you’re a bad parent. You should also avoid speaking ill of your ex. Some people opt to stay away from social media when they’re going through a divorce, but that’s not always necessary as long as those who remain connected in this way are very cautious about their approach.

Spending frivolously

You must be careful with your spending during divorce. This is especially true if you’re using shared funds. Be wary of making large purchases until the divorce is finalized because those may lead to a conclusion that you have more money than you’re reporting in the divorce proceedings. Additionally, spending down marital assets could be perceived as dissipation, depending on what you’re purchasing.

Making emotional decisions

Divorce is an emotional time, but it’s not one that should involve emotional decisions. Take the time to think logically about how each option may affect you now and in the future. You may realize that certain things only seem suitable on the surface, but they aren’t viable for your long-term goals.

Seeking legal guidance as proactively as possible can help you to avoid additional missteps and to safeguard your interests as your circumstances evolve.

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