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The pros and cons of marriage counseling

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Divorce

Often when couples find problems in their marriage they seek marriage counseling. This can be a great way to reestablish what their relationship means to them. They have a chance to talk in a safe place on equal grounds.

Before you start your marriage counseling, you may want to know what to expect. Here’s what you should know:

Marriage counseling pros

Marriage counseling has many advantages that can reshape and rebuild marriages. Some issues are minor and just need someone to translate each spouse’s feelings. You may expect these advantages:

  • Working with a marriage counselor who has gone through extensive training
  • Setting time aside to build more trust with your spouse in a safe space
  • Learning exercises to build (or rebuild) communication in a marriage
  • Finding ways to prevent future problems in the marriage based on old behavior patterns
  • Going to a place where each spouse can communicate their feelings openly
  • Discussing deeper problems disrupting the marriage that have long gone unaddressed
  • Many couples leave marriage counseling feeling like their marriage is renewed.

Marriage counseling cons

You may find marriage counseling only has a limited effect. You may leave marriage counseling feeling like nothing has changed in your marriage. You may find your marriage counseling is flawed because:

  • The marriage counselor picked one side to defend
  • The marriage counselor doesn’t have enough training to handle your marriage
  • You don’t feel comfortable where you meet for marriage counseling
  • Your spouse is unwilling to go to marriage counseling
  • Marriage counseling proved to only be a temporary solution

Marriage counseling sometimes only drags out the inevitable. The marriage may shortly improve, then fail again as old patterns emerge.

People can go through years of marriage counseling with no change in their marriage. If you don’t find the result you’re looking for in marriage counseling then you may need to know your options.

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