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Make the best of supervised visitation for the sake of your child

If you’re only allowed to have supervised visitation with your child because of a court order, it’s a decision a judge made in what they believe is in the best interest of that child. Such a decision can understandably leave a parent angry, resentful and frustrated – particularly if you believe the supervision is unwarranted and perhaps based on lies or exaggerations by your co-parent and others.

You have every right to contest the decision if it was made based on false or inaccurate information. If a judge is uncertain about whether the allegations made against you (such as abuse or neglect) are true, they may order temporary supervised visitation until there has been a thorough investigation.

However, in the meantime, it’s important to make the most of the time that you’re allowed to spend with your child. None of this is their fault. 

Cooperation with the visitations and those involved is key

If a parent doesn’t show up for scheduled visitations, spends the entire visit denigrating their co-parent or is rude and uncooperative with the people supervising the visitation, it only makes matters worse and lessens your chances of getting unsupervised time with your child. 

This is true whether you’re required to meet at any of the authorized visitation centers across Oahu and the other islands or if a relative or friend is allowed to supervise the visitations. Although you typically have more flexibility with visitations supervised by people you and your child know, visitations at a designated site can also be fun. They typically have toys, books and games available, and you and your child can bring your own. 

If your child doesn’t want to do what you have planned or would rather sit and talk or do nothing, don’t make them do something they don’t feel like. These visits are meant for you and your child to have bonding time – not just to keep busy.

All of these things can help you continue to build or repair your relationship with your child as you work toward getting more unsupervised parenting time with them. Having experienced legal guidance throughout the process is crucial.


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