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What should you do if your ex badmouths you?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2022 | Divorce

People who are ending a relationship and share children will have to continue to work as a parenting team. This isn’t always easy, especially when there are hard feelings festering. It’s up to you and your ex to make things work for the good of the children.

One thing that shouldn’t happen is one parent badmouthing the other. Not only does this make it hard for the parenting relationship to work as it should, but it’s also upsetting to the children. The kids love both parents, and it will usually make them feel bad to hear negative things about either parent.

Keep your cool

If you learn that your ex is badmouthing you, try to remain calm. They may be doing this just to get to you. The badmouthing may continue if they know that it upset you. It may help you to remember that taking care of the children is the priority. When you’re fully focused on them, it may be harder for your ex to upset you.

Document everything

It’s sometimes useful to document the badmouthing in case you ever need to have it handled in court. This is especially important if parental alienation becomes a factor.

One of the best things you can do when you split from your child’s other parent is to get the parenting plan in order as quickly as you can. This helps set the standards for the parenting relationship, which benefits your children and you as parents. As you’re doing this, consider all the options you have before you so you can try to do what’s in the best interests of your children. 

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