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How to tell that your marriage might be in trouble

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Divorce

People don’t get married with the idea that they’ll end up getting a divorce. For some people, the news that their spouse wants a divorce is something that comes as a shock. Many people think that marriages end primarily because of infidelity, but there are many other things that lead to divorce.

There are numerous warning signs that something isn’t quite right in your relationship, as outlined below; 

A lack of space

Each person in the marriage should have their own identity. When there is no space or individual time in a marriage, it becomes suffocating. This can make you very unhappy and can lead you to look for an escape from the relationship.

There’s no intimacy

Intimacy is important. If you and your spouse no longer look to each other for romantic attention, the marriage might be in trouble. Pay close attention to how you and your spouse interact with each other. It’s the small things, such as holding hands or going out on dates, that will change long before other forms of intimacy.

You no longer care to argue

Disagreements are normal parts of a healthy relationship. When you start to allow your spouse to do whatever they want because you simply don’t care, the marriage might be in danger.

Anyone who’s considering a divorce should ensure that they understand what rights and responsibilities they have. The divorce process comes with some options that you have to consider. Working with a person who’s familiar with Hawaii laws and how they may impact you is important so you have accurate information once you decide what to do. 

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