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Moving islands after your divorce? Relocation can be harder than you think

If there is one thing that is amazing about Hawaii, it’s that there are many beautiful places to live. Whether you live on Oahu or Maui, you can have a beautiful home and be surrounded by activities, tourism and more. 

When you and your spouse decided to divorce, you knew that you wanted to move back to Maui, even though you’re both on Oahu now. The only trouble is that you have a child, and moving to a different island could affect your custody plans. 

There are daily ferries to take your child from one island to the other, and there are planes, too. That doesn’t mean that this is a simple solution. There is nearly an 80-mile gap between the islands, and your child is too young to travel alone. What should you do?

Right now, you may consider skipping the move

If you don’t need to move for work or other responsibilities, you may want to stay where you are for now. While it might be easy for a teen to take a short flight to visit on the weekend, it’s not so easy for a toddler or young elementary student to do the same thing. 

If you do have to move for work, then talk to the other parent about how this could affect your custody plans. One of you may end up taking primary custody, while the other takes the trip to visit on weekends or at other times.

This is a difficult situation, but there are solutions. Your attorney will work with you to help you find an answer to your custody concerns that will work for your family.