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What are valid reasons to alter child custody?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Child Custody And Relocation

Divorcing parents in Hawaii often deal with custody matters first. The court decides what a custody arrangement looks like. They base it on the facts presented at the time of the divorce. 

But the court also understands that life circumstances do not stay the same forever. What if your life circumstances change? What if your new life demands new child custody arrangements? Today we will look at some valid reasons to ask the court to modify custody orders. 

Valid reasons to request modification 

VeryWell Family looks at reasons parents ask for modifications to child custody arrangements. Many relate to the absence of a parent. Parents are absent for many reasons. A few of these reasons include: 

  • The parent is an active member of the military and the military relocated them 
  • A court convicted a parent and incarcerated them 
  • The parent passes away 
  • The parent refuses to stick with the current custody schedule for whatever reason 

What if a parent refuses to follow custody orders? 

A parent who does not stick to the schedule is an outlier compared to the rest. If this is your situation, you must do several things. You need to talk to your ex-spouse first. You cannot jump straight to changing the custody order. You must prove to the court that you attempted to work things out with the other parent first. 

Other primary reasons for changing a court order involve threat to the child. Is your ex-spouse’s home one that suffers from domestic violence? Is your child in immediate danger? Have they expressed a desire to leave the home in question? If so, you can ask the court to change your order. 

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