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Less obvious signs of a failing relationship

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Divorce

There are many factors that contribute to divorces in Hawaii. One of the most common reasons that couples will divorce is because of adultery. Other reasons are not so easy to identify, but they can build up over time and cause a marriage to fail. Criticism, sarcasm and contempt are a few of the more common causes of divorce that are not so obvious when they begin.

When a person stonewalls their partner, they shut down communication and do not even attempt to work problems out. They may shut down during conversations or arguments about major family issues. Some even use the silent treatment as a way to punish their partner. Many have found that instead of shutting down, opening up leads to couples being able to work out their problems. This may require a person to be more honest about their feelings.

Resentment is another big problem couples experience that can start small and lead to major problems down the road. Resentment can come in many forms, but it is often expressed through sarcastic comments or by an individual being passive aggressive. They may often bring up the past. This is another area where open and honest communication can help a marriage last.

Very few individuals go into a relationship without baggage. Unfortunately, when a person does not deal with past trauma, they could spend a lot of their time feeling anxious, worried or insecure because of it. For example, if someone cheated on them in the past, they may experience negative feelings if their new partner does not stay in constant contact with them.

There are many things that can lead to a couple to decide that the best option for them is to divorce. An individual who is in this situation may decide to speak with a family law attorney. The attorney may provide advice on a variety of matters relating to divorce, including alimony, child custody and asset division.

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