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The benefits of joint physical custody

Parents in Hawaii who are considering divorce will likely need to think about how they will handle child custody. There are some that might argue that it’s in the children’s best interests for the mother to have full custody. They argue that, especially for toddlers and infants, overnight care with the fathers can lead to major issues.

However, data seems to indicate that these beliefs are unfounded. Recent studies have analyzed how joint custody and single-parent custody affects children, including infants and toddlers. The conclusion time and time again shows that shared parenting is usually better for the kids. The idea that infants or toddlers would fare badly if they spent the night with their father does not line up with a modern understanding of how children develop.

With the exception of cases when a parent is abusive, children are likely to suffer negative effects if they do not have both of their parents in their lives as they grow up. Kids who grow up in joint physical custody environments have been shown to do better in school and have improved emotional health compared to those who grow up in sole physical custody families. There is also a reduction in emotional health problems and destructive behaviors, such as smoking and drugs use.

A parent fighting to have joint custody may want to speak with a family law attorney. Legal counsel could represent a client during the divorce proceedings. The attorney may be able to argue for one’s fitness as a parent and for the best interests of the kids.

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